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Large Blue Ballerina Doll
Large Blue Ballerina Doll

Large Blue Ballerina Doll

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This gorgeous ballerina soft doll in her blue tutu with matching blue ballet shoes and hair band is bound to be a hit with ballet loving kids.
Soft dolls are great baby toys and our dolls will be both a companion and best friend for your child. Our traditional handmade dolls are perfect both as comfort toys and to encourage creative play.
Soft dolls encourage young children to engage in imaginative play, and they often share their feelings with their favourite soft dolls and may conduct elaborate conversations.
They are also excellent travel companions on long car journeys, or going on holiday, helping to alleviate boredom and acting as a comfort toy when going to new places.
What's so special about our soft dolls
• Handmade and fair trade. We know who made our dolls!
• Charming designs encourage creative play
• Machine washable
• No plastic!
• Individual. All our dolls are 100% handmade so no 2 dolls are alike

Fair trade and handmade. Machine washable. Hand crochet in cotton.
Approximate size: height approx. 31cm, width approx. 15cm